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Common Questions

How do I get started?

First, let's get to know each other. Contact me to book a phone consultation on so I can outline the buying or selling process and learn about each other's timelines and expectations so everyone is on the same page. Then, some paperwork will be necessary to look at financing options or for getting your home ready to list.

How much can I get for my home?

For sellers, if you send me your address in the contact form, I can look over the data for the last 30 days of sales in your neighborhood on and determine the market value of your home. I will then research the comparable homes, and after an in person tour where I can compare the state of your property to those in the neighborhood I can offer a narrow window of what you can expect to get from selling. 

What costs can I expect for Buying or Selling my home?

There are costs for both the buyer AND the seller in a transaction. BOTH parties pay title transfer fees. The buyer pays loan fees, closing costs, and earnest funds. The Seller also pays the standard agent commissions. These specific numbers depend on the situation for both parties, let's talk in depth about what that means for you.

What if I have a home to sell, but I also want to look for my next home - which do I do first?

It's in the seller's best interest to get their home ready to market FIRST - before looking for a new home - although this process can be done somewhat simultaneously. This is because when you make an offer on a home you love, your offer will have to be a contingent offer meaning with the assumption that your home will sell right away. Contingent offers are risky for a seller to accept, and in a sellers market this can not only cause you to loose several bids but also have to compensate by paying much more to sway the seller to accept a riskier offer over other more stable offers. Your lender may disagree, but if you want to pay a fair price and have a fair shot at your next home, getting your current home ready for market is the most reasonable way to go.

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